Are we manipulated/influenced by Social Media?

Dear friends, 

I am wondering how easily  our thought process getting manipulated  or controlled by these social medias. Actually these medias suppose to be a strong platform to support our social issues, creating awareness about our rights and so on… But, the same platform are being used  to divert people from the real issues which  really needs to be  addressed( which they really have to know). The videos and posts which are  getting shared now days ,  most of them either on blaming or pointing at some political parties or religions that’s all.  If  you are having friends who support or influenced by some political parties then you will get videos shared by them with tagline how one political party member gave perfect reply to another party member or media anchor and same videos will be shared with other party supporters by editing same videos with different tagline.  If you want to confirm this just like or comment the videos popup (different versions ) in your screen at social media platform once.  You keep on getting same kind of videos and may be lot many people thinks that yes they are doing great or they ruining our country.

My question here is that are we/people know this or just ignoring or so much influenced/ Manipulated by political , religious leaders  who wants to control us using medias ?

 How to create awareness at least to your friends, relative or neighbors ?

If you try to create  awareness then you will be branded as one of the supporters either for party or religion. Most of the time we will get negative comments or  conversation ends with argument instead discussion.  The problem is, most of the people are not ready to accept the truth or don’t want to know the truth.

Are some spearheads controlling  by changing the people beliefs  so easily by social medias ? 

Yes , one hundred percent we are controlled by them. This is the time to question ourselves  instead blindly believing something which are  showcasing in social media. They wants us to believe the same. Do question yourself and try to find the truth.

Each   person   should   know exactly  what   we  need  from any ruling    government (  Education, Health & Safety , Water, Electricity, Good Transportation and  Work ) This is the duty of any government to provide these facilities to society. But the way of questioning in social media is taking different directions which leading us to forget ask right questions and making us to take wrong route.

 So are we getting manipulated by somebody?!

 What do you say friends ?


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